Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nebraska Brewing's first Barrel Aged Beer.

I forgot to post this last week, I was swamped, but here you go. I would love a review of this if you have tried it.

Nebraska Brewing Company Releases Chardonnay Blonde Reserve

Papillion, Nebraska , September 27, 2008:

On November 14th, 2008 Nebraska Brewing Company of Papillion, Nebraska will release its Strong Belgian Blonde Barrel Aged Ale, the first barrel-aged beer for the company.
In April of 2008, Nebraska Brewing Company received Chardonnay Casks that it would use to barrel age it’s extremely popular Strong Belgian Blonde Ale. Barrel aging has made this Reserve extremely complex. Slightly tart with a wonderful Chardonnay aroma. Golden in color, full bodied, highly effervescent, and 10% ABV. Tremendous character which seems to tilt more toward a fine wine than a multi-dimensioned robust Ale. Oak tannins create a dry finish in this first for Nebraska Brewing Company. Bottled conditioned in 750mL Champagne bottles.

“This barrel-aged beer has given us a tremendous opportunity to explore a marriage between wine and beer that we feel was only possible through a little experimentation. I’m absolutely confident that our customers will be thrilled.” Said Paul Kavulak, brewer and ½ of the husband & wife ownership team.

“We’re all about trying new and interesting things that make us stand out and getting the Blonde into bottles opens another chapter in our offering lineup.” Said Kim Kavulak.
Nebraska Brewing Company will release only 58 cases of this exceptional creation. Chardonnay Blonde Reserve will be available in the brewpub only at a retail price of $19.99 per 750mL bottle with a portion of the proceeds going to local charities.

Nebraska Brewing Company is proud to be a locally owned and locally operated brewpub in Papillion, Nebraska. Small, independent, and pushing the envelope.


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