Monday, January 19, 2009

Offical Press Release on Lucky Bucket

Here is the official release, sorry for all these posts. I know some are redundant but based on the email I have been receiving for a couple months, this is hot topic stuff. If you were at the release party let us know how it went.

Omaha, Nebraska – 1/14/2009. Lucky Bucket Brewing Company tapped its first
ever keg at a ceremony held at the Dundee Dell at 51st and Underwood on
Wednesday, January 14th. “The turnout and response of our first beer was
overwhelmingly positive”, said company Co‐President Zac Triemert, former
Upstream Brewing Company Head Brewer. “It was exciting to see people enjoying
our hard work after several years of planning”, Triemert added.
Along with Zac Triemert, the Lucky Bucket team includes Brian Magee, company Co‐
President and President/Founder of Upstream Brewing Company and Jason Payne,
company Vice President and former Upstream brewer.
The three founders of Lucky Bucket Brewing Company love craft beer. “We all got
our start together at Upstream Brewing Company and saw an opportunity to turn
our passion for craft beer into a business that would make Nebraska craft beer more
widely available.” said Magee. “The big brewers keep churning out the same stuff
and we know beer drinkers are looking for more . We started Lucky Bucket
Brewing Company because we feel confident in our ability to brew great beer. Our
plan is to create a craft brewery that features a wide range of beer styles and
flavors.” Payne added.
Lucky Bucket’s first release, ‘Pre‐Prohibition’ Lager is a beer with great drinkability.
It is filtered twice and has a light, malty flavor that is easy on the palate. The subtle
maltiness in this lager is nicely balanced by a floral hop flavor derived from the
finest West Coast Hops. The beer is called ‘Pre‐Prohibition’ because it is
representative of how beer was brewed and how it tasted before prohibition, when
beer had greater character and flavor than today’s mainstream lagers. In those days
beer was not full of adjuncts or additives and most beers were craft beer.
Lucky Bucket Pre‐Prohibition Lager has an updated craft brewer’s twist as its
signature: it’s dry‐hopped with a fresh blend of aromatic hops. The dry hopping
schedule is a unique hop mix that was derived from numerous tests and private
samplings. The resulting blend includes aromatic Cascade, Centennial and Amarillo
Lucky Bucket Brewing Company’s launch party is scheduled for Thursday, January
22nd at the Dundee Dell beginning at 7:00 pm. Lucky Bucket ‘Pre‐Prohibition’
Lager will be served at a special price. Also included that evening will be light
appetizers and a raffle for Lucky Bucket t‐shirts and other items.
A second event is planned at the Crescent Moon at 37th and Farnam on Tuesday,
January 27th. The “pint night” promoting Lucky Bucket ‘Pre‐Prohibition’ Lager will
kick off at 5pm.
Other meet the brewers nights are scheduled, including the Fox & Hound on Dodge
on January 29th from 7‐9pm as well as 7 Monkeys (68
pm) and Fox & Hound on
Center (810
pm) on February 10th. The beer will arrive on tap within the next
few weeks at Tanners, Two Fine Irishmen, Old Chicago (Old Market), Billy Frogg’s
(Papillion), The Homy Inn, and the Qwest Center at the Beers of the World kiosk.
At the moment, Lucky Bucket beers are sold in draught‐only. However, Lucky
Bucket ‘Pre‐Prohibition’ Lager is set to release in 6‐packs in approximately 90 days.
The beer will be available for sale at retailers throughout the Omaha area.
Other Lucky Bucket Brewing Company beers will follow the Lager release including
an India Pale Ale (IPA), a big, hoppy American version of the British IPA style. The
IPA is planned to release in the late spring or early summer. Lucky Bucket Brewing
Company is also set to release its fall seasonal, Concentrated Evil, a dark rich
Belgian‐style ale, matured in cabernet wine casks and weighing in at about 10%
alcohol by volume

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