Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nebraska Craft Brewers Association Seeks Assistance

I had mentioned previously that I'd provide everyone with plenty of opportunities to help the Association in the coming year and as we're a non-profit, we'll be searching for assistance from time-to-time to help us in areas where we don't have much expertise within our ranks.

We're currently looking for assistance from Professional Graphics Artists who may be able to volunteer their time to help us in a redesign of the Association's logo.

Does anyone know of an artist who would be able to submit a few sketches for possible selection? We can't offer much in return outside of the gratitude for helping our Association and the possible elevated status within our collective breweries - but that might be pretty cool too - right?

If you think you may be able to assist us - please get in touch.

Thanks in advance.

Paul Kavulak
President, Nebraska Craft Brewers Association


Micah Max said...

I'm interested. Shoot me an email at:

micahmax at gmail dot com

Paul said...

I just shot you some background info Micah - thank you very much for offering to help!


KT~Molarartist said...

I've designed a few labels for my homebrew and would be interested in submitting an idea or two. What kind of deadlines are you thinkin'?

Kim T.

Drew Davies said...


I'd like to recommend that, rather than asking a lot of designers to create speculative work, you instead post an RFP for a pro bono logo project, and select a single designer/firm with which to work. A process like the one you're suggesting is harmful to the profession of design, and more importantly, dramatically lessens your chances of getting effective design work, based on a lack of collaboration between designer and client.

In the same way that you wouldn't ask 10 attorneys to draft you a contract, and then just pick the one you like best, I'd recommend you not do the same with your design and marketing. Even if you don't have a budget, you'll get much better work collaborating closely with a single firm than you will from asking various "Professional Graphics Artists" to "submit a few sketches for possible selection".

More information about spec work can be found at

Thank you for your consideration,

Drew Davies
Principal, Oxide Design Co.
Advisory Board, AIGA Nebraska

Anonymous said...

Drew has a good point. And you should go with Micah, he is one of the best designers in Omaha by far.

Cody said...

I did'nt mean to post that as anonymous! Sorry!