Monday, August 17, 2009

Nebraska Brewing scores a solid 2nd Place!

Nebraska Brewing Company appears to have made entering contests a means to show beer geeks out there that they make quality beer and that a high quality beer can be had in Nebraska. I am all for this approach. It really can only be beneficial to the brewery. Think about it, if they get results back that say that the beer is not good enough, well, they don't let anyone know that and they go out and improve their beer. If they do well, well, they let the world know what they have done and who they have beat. This 2nd place showing in the US Open Beer Championship is one of those victories. Congrats Paul and crew! This is a great showing, well done!

Here is a list of their beers that placed in the US Open Beer Championship.

Wood / Barrel aged strong beer
GOLD - South Streets Barrel Aged Stout, South Street Brewery
SILVER - Chardonnay Blonde Reserve, Nebraska Brewing
BRONZE - Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Lexington Brewing

Imperial Stout
GOLD - The Abyss , Deschutes Brewing
SILVER - Nebraska Imperial Stout, Nebraska Brewing
BRONZE - Sam Adams Imperial Stout, Boston Beer Company

Barley Wine
GOLD - Cloud 9, 5 Seasons Brewing
SILVER - Fathead 140, Nebraska Brewing
BRONZE - Mirror, Mirror, Deschutes Brewing
BRONZE - Dark Tank, Sweetwater Brewing

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