Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Volunteers Needed!

The Great Nebraska Beer Festival needs volunteers. Here is the information.

Great Nebraska Beer Festival - Call for Volunteers
Today at 1:52pm
It’s that time! (actually, that time has already passed but since everything else is coming down to the wire, why not?)
The Great Nebraska Beer Festival needs volunteers to assist with the setup / teardown, ID checks, ice maintenance, general safety, and various other duties that will be assigned.

Sunday, September 13th, from 1 PM to 6 PM. Shadow Lake Towne Center - hosted by Nebraska Brewing Company. (Rain or Shine)

This is anticipated to be a 5 hour event but due to the setup and teardown aspects, a longer day overall will result. We’d love to have you volunteer for the entire day but realize that this may also negate or greatly reduce your ability to participate in the sampling of the great beers that we’ll have assembled. So please do what you can and we’ll do our best to sort everyone out.

Due to the scope of the event, we will subdivide responsibilities into areas that will be managed be various individuals. Assignments will be made shortly and our volunteer list and schedule will be published on the Nebraska Brewing Company Website.

As this is most indeed a year 1 event, expect last minute changes and those things that you can imagine go with a first time. Please be patient and we’ll communicate as quickly and concisely as possible!

Please email paul @ nebraskabrewingco . com with your name, the names of any others that you’ve managed to talk into joining you, and your collective hours of availability.

Volunteers will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. We’ll need many but likely not as many as we’ll get. With that in mind, look to the schedule to see if you’ve been selected and know that we’ll definitely have a list of stand-by volunteers that we’ll dip into as we realize what we’ve forgotten to address as our event draws near.

Oh, and I realize that a few of you have already contacted me to volunteer and that’s awesome! (can’t hurt to shoot me another email)

And lastly, yes - we've not yet blasted out full event info as given the year 1 aspects, we're working furiously to nail down a few last minute items. Info will flow shortly. (Including the list of perks available for each volunteer.)

Thank You!

Paul Kavulak
'Beer Jedi '

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