Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tom Osborne not happy with Inbev promotion

I saw this come across by watch list.

LINCOLN (AP) -- Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne sent a letter to state Anheuser-Busch InBev distributors asking them not to participate in a promotion that dressed cans of Bud Light in college colors.

Nebraska's assistant athletic director for marketing, licensing and concessions says Osborne contacted the distributors after learning of Anheuser-Busch's "Fan Cans" promotion.

The promotion was launched earlier this month to coincide with the start of football season. It puts school colors on the beer cans, but not college logos, names or other identifiers.

Assistant athletic director Michael Stephens says the majority of the red-and-white cans were turned away by Nebraska distributors, but he acknowledged that "some did get delivered."

I am sure I understand Tom's position, he has always been pretty clear on his drinking policies. I just like the sticking it to the man aspect of this a little funny. I am sure it has some money issues behind it, but he has always wanted alcohol to stay out of the college landscape so I am guessing that is his true motivation here.

In your face InBev. Ha!


Richard Stueven said...

Jay Brooks posted a story about this on his Brookston Beer Bulletin today also. Seems Dr. Tom is not the only university bigshot to be upset about this.

It makes me wonder how the A-B marketing machine missed the target by such a wide margin.

Nate B. said...

my feed isn't working very well with brookston so i missed that. UGH!

Yeah, I think they really missed it, on the flip side. The colleges are being rather hypocritical too thinking that beer isn't associated or shouldn't be associated with the college game. That is almost like saying gambling doesn't have a place with the college game.

I think they need to remove the blinders. They also may just be making a stand too.

Booze Bandit said...

I think the main motivation is that TO is a major teetotaler...I know for a fact that as a Congressman he didn't allow his staff to drink in his presence, frowned upon it in general (even in moderation), and refused any gifts of alcohol (wine, vodka, etc.), even from foreign dignitaries.

Eric said...

TO needs to take a look at some of the officially licensed merchandise available in the Huskers Official Online Team Store.
Flasks, shot glasses, can and bottle coozies, wine bottle bags...
Tsk tsk.

(Why did I have to create a blogger account to comment?)