Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Draft magazine on Upstream Grand Cru

Draft magazine featured Upstream Grand Cru recently. Upstream and Nebraska Brewing Company had some high profile tweets last week at GABF from some very respected brewing people. You can read through my tweets from last week to see but having Ray Daniels find your beer interesting is a great deal and came with surprise that Nebraska was doing this.

Belgian inspiration lures American brewers down many paths. Some follow the Senne Valley’s hard, acidic sour ales, while others find solace in sweeter concoctions from the Trappist monasteries. Somewhere between the two you’ll find this beer: a majestic offering from America’s heartland, matured to perfection in oak barrels.

Upstream Brewing’s Grand Cru pours beautifully with a healthy, hazy bronze color that glows under the light. Sweet honey, oak, and soft tannins -- often associated with wine -- float to the nose in a full, well-orchestrated aroma. The flavors move through the mouth pleasantly, making elegant curves from ripe red apples and pears to musty white wine grapes. There’s a punchy tart moment that’s both a little funky and earthy, but doesn’t have the enamel-scraping sensation you’d find in a hard lambic. An American oak thread is wonderfully drawn out, complementing the lingering sweet fruitiness and yawning through the swallow’s last moment. Truly world-class, Grand Cru is a profound amalgamation of malt complexity and barrel-aging qualities.

Price: $20 for 750mL
Glassware: Chalice
Pair with: Savor with a fine, flavorful dish like duck confit. The beer’s complex malts and oak presence draw out the meat’s sweet and earthy flavors, while the carbonation cleanses the palate between bites.
Age: 2 to 3 years


Paul said...

Awesome press guys - that's a killer beer! Great work-

CJ said...

Very nice!!!

I must say that I am super excited to see all the press as of late coming to breweries in Nebraska!! It is great that recently we have been able to locally purchase beers from all over the world, but really great to buy local products that are considered world class!!

Eric said...

I absolutely love this beer; in my opinion it deserves all the press it can get! Now the question is, will it follow Zac to Lucky Bucket, or will it continue to be an Upstream brew?

maryjanebrain said...

Great blog, thank you! Just started following you on Twitter. Do you ever host guest bloggers or do book reviews? I love my beer pub in Decatur GA so much I wrote a whole book on it. Love at the Pub is much more than the history of the top rated Brick Store Pub, it's a celebration and education of our entire craft beer community. I'm hosting a unique online beer event with the book release, and I'd love your input and support as we draw many more folks into the independent beer community. Thanks for letting me know through Tweeting and cheers!

Nate B. said...

I would be willing to help any way I can. Just email me or DM me on twitter with what you have in mind. Keep in mind that I try to keep the blog focused on Nebraska Beer related items, but Twitter is open to anything.