Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Green Flash Brewing to Nebraska!!

The blog was contacted about a month ago about the possibility of Green Flash coming to Nebraska. Their sales manager Jim Kenny wanted to know if we could help them out by getting them contacts for people they want to be involved with if they decided to come. We were/are planning on meeting with them soon and taking them around and introducing them to people and laying out the red carpet for them. We initially had not received confirmation that they were coming, so we held off announcing their arrival as we don't want to jinx things from happening.

We would rather be right on something like this then get our hopes up, so we apologize for not being first on this. With a few breweries pulling out, having Green Flash expanding because they have added capacity is great news, and even greater that they considered our state an emerging craft beer destination.

I talked to Jim today and he said that he plans on a slow roll out hopefully by the end of the year with possible beers being -

West Coast IPA
Hop Head Red
Le Freak

Thank you, Green Flash! You won't be disappointed. We can't wait for that first taste!

If you want to follow further developments about Green Flash please follow their Facebook page and stay up to date.


Brett Anomyces said...

Love me some Green Flash!

Rick said...

This is some of the best news to hit the NE beer scene in a long time! I cannot wait to get my hands on those three beers. Thank you Green Flash and NE Beer Blog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what rick said...def the most exciting news about a brewery coming to nebraska in awhile. awesome.

David B said...

All three of those beers are so good. This is fantastic news!

The Adventurers said...

I've been waiting for an official announcement. Great news.