Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nebraska Brewing Company's 4th Anniversary Party

With our Anniversary date fast approaching, we realized we hadn't done a Pint Night in quite some time.

So... Starting Tuesday Night, 11/15 we'll drag out the cases of Logo'd Pint Glasses and start the evening off with a $5.75 first pint and $2.50 refills - AND, you get to keep the Pint Glass.

Then, in culmination of the celebration, we'll host a bash and we'd like you to make time to join us on November 17th at 6 PM. Chef Adam will have his traditionally "really-freakin-cool" cake and we may even say a few words to kick it all off.

4 whole years... Seems like 400 some days... :)

Congrats Nebraska Brewing Company on 4 great years!!

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