Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Release party for Microbe Rue from NBC

This is one of those times that I wish I lived a little closer to Omaha.  I might try and make it up for this release but I have my doubts as it is a family weekend.  So enjoy a bottle for me, or if you are feeling generous, pick one up for me. 

The day has finally arrived!  This Saturday at 6 PM!  We will NOT be offering samples of this beer.  Due to the extremely limited number of bottles, we can't quite open up a couple cases to have our REGULAR party.  But it's a party nonetheless...

This one has been highly anticipated since the moment we started leaking word out that this would be one of our best.

This is one of our experimentals in the Inception Series.  22 oz. bomber bottles only and only about 18 cases available to the public.  We're truly sorry we didn't make more - but it took us 2 full years to make and age this beauty.

You might remember 2 years ago we had a great Holiday beer - a Belgian Dubbel that had Dark Belgian Candy Sugar and Cherry Juice right out of Nebraska City.

We stuffed one brand new Missouri Oak barrel with this beer and tucked it away.  The cherries have gone tart and the beer was bottled a few weeks back.  Ready to go!

We will do our best to limit sales of this beer to 2 bottles per person per day.  We're going to work the honor system here so help us out a bit - ok??

And good luck on your hunt - you'll wish you'd bought them all!  $12 each.

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