Friday, November 25, 2011

Samuel Adams Tasting at Brix... Now!

I just saw this email from Brix:
Thirsty after the game? Tuckered out from shopping? FREE beer samples will be just the thing! Stop by the Brix beer department tonight from 5-8 pm and sample the six great beers found in the Samuel Adams Winter Classics 12-pack, on sale today at the crazy Black Friday price of $11.99! That's a SAVINGS of $3.00 a 12-pack!

The WINTER LAGER is robust and warming with a touch of spice, while the BOSTON LAGER is a refreshing Bohemian pils. If you insist on a black beer for Black Friday, try the oaty HOLIDAY PORTER or the robust BLACK & BREW COFFEE STOUT with late addition Sumatra beans. There're also two superb classics: the CHOCOLATE BOCK aged on dark cocoa nibs and OLD FEZZIWIG, a genuine Christmas cookie in a glass!
According to my watch, it's already 5:41 so get there soon!

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