Thursday, December 22, 2011

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Beertopia News

If you are looking for a gift for the beer lover on your list stop into Beertopia. We have some great pre-made beer baskets you can pick up or if you want we can make you a custom basket. Otherwise our beer knowledgeable staff can help you pick something that is sure to please.

Boulevard has released their seasonal Bourbon Barrel Quad (BBQ). This monster good quad is brewed with cherries and aged in bourbon barrels for 6 months. Don't hesitate on this one. Limited bottles and a 3 bottle limit per customer.

Squatters Brewing out of Utah has shipped us their IPA. This extremely aromatic beer boasts a 6.5% ABV and a ton of malt backbone. This could be your next "ah ha" IPA.

Rogue has released their excellent seasonal, Santa's Private Reserve. This American amber ale has all attributes for the style. Malty, bready with a full compliment of hops. Limited this year, so don't wait.

We have also got in a second shipment of Ska Euphoria Pale Ale. If you haven't tried this aromatic, flavorful pale ale then you had better! We have already sold 125 cases this year if that is any indication.
Squatters Full Suspension Pale Ale is also on sale this week. This 4% very sessionable beer is soaked with hop character and is best enjoyed in copious amounts. Just $6.99 a six pack through this week.

New Beers on Tap at the Crescent Moon

Rogue Mogul Madness Ale is a Winter warmer yet a bit different than most. It is hoppy, intense flavors of citrus hops, and complex notes of nuts, berries and mocha. 6.6% 68 IBUs

Now On Cask is Empyrean Mango IPA. It is recipe from Lincoln home brewer Jason McLaughlin, winner of the Nov. 2011 Beer Quest competition. It is full of tropical aromas, it's flavor is citrusy hops and mango, followed by a biscuit center and a big bitter-citrus finish. 8% 86 IBUs

Wasatch Devastator Doppelbock is a German-style lager and a very big beer. Well balanced flavors of toasted malts, sweet biscuits, yet balanced with a soft bitterness. Medium bodied,  lightly carbonated. Give this a try, it's delicious, easy drinking, but be careful to watch how many you have had. 8%

Upstream's Bauman's Hop Farm Rye IPA will be on tap starting tonight! Brewed with locally grown hops ( Ft Calhoun) this is a great choice for you hop heads.

New Beers on Tap at Max and Joe's

Affligem Noel is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale that has a heavy malt backbone with sweet cherries, bananas and figs with some spices mixed in. 9%

Scaldis Noel has a burnished ruby-copper color and a spicy aroma with notes of caramel, marzipan (sweet almond paste) and peach. It has hints of anise leading toward a long warming finish. 12.5%.

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