Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Empyrean Beer Quest Mango IPA Tapping Party @ Jake's Lincoln & Omaha

This Friday (12/23) at both the Omaha & Lincoln Jake's locations will be a very special tapping party for my Empyrean Beer Quest winning beer, Mango IPA!

For those who have never heard of Beer Quest, it is an Empyrean Brewing Company quarterly event which starts with 21 homebrewers going head to head in a private competition judged by certified beer judges, with the top 10 beers moving on to the Beer Quest public event. Brewers in this final round serve their beer and speak with the public about what processes and techniques they used to make their beer unique. The public’s job is to try each one of the beers and rank the brewers in order of favorite. The winner of the public tasting is crowned the winning brewer, and is awarded the opportunity to brew the winning recipe on Empyrean's big brewery system.

My winning Mango IPA is an original recipe created to show how well American hop flavors can blend with my favorite tropical fruit, Mango. The amount of hops I was allowed to throw into the Empyrean kettle was obscene (more hops than many homebrewers will use in a lifetime), and the final product turned out great. Be ready for huge hop character in this 8% ABV Imperial IPA, it will take you to a tropical place this Christmas.

**LINCOLN LOCATION ONLY** Come on down and meet the brewer (as if I would not be there anyway)! Share a pint, and we can chat more about my beer.

5:30 pm Jake's Omaha (62nd & Maple)
5:00 pm Jake's Lincoln (14th & P St.)

Jason Mc


Tom said...

I tried this at Lazlo's on Tuesday. It was good. I don't tend to like fruit beers, but the mango was good and it surely is an IPA.

megan said...

Just had your brew tonight at Krug Park in Omaha and loved it!!