Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dupont Monk's Stout Friday Tapping Party @ Jake's Lincoln & Omaha

This Friday (12/9) both Jake's LINCOLN and OMAHA will be hosting an awesome tapping party for an amazing true Belgian beer, and a first for Nebraska, Monk's Stout from Brasserie Dupont.

Don Feinberg of Vanberg & DeWulf has superbly described this beer:

"Do you remember the 1st time you had really strong, rich coffee? It was almost too much bitterness, too much body. Or the time you 1st had single malt Scotch or balsamic vinegar? The flavors were so different you basically had to put your tongue through a re-education program. This was our experience when we 1st introduced Saison Dupont to the US. Back then people said, and not always as a compliment; “It’s so dry, yeasty and herbal. Extremely refreshing with unusually clean finish—but not big and sweet like all the other Belgians”. And they weren’t sure they wanted to give up on big and sweet. But people have certainly come to appreciate the virtues of Saison Dupont and the Saison Style. In our opinion, Dupont has done it again. They’ve brewed the first true Belgian interpretation of Stout, not a simple recreation of the style. Dark, dry and quenching as only Dupont’s incredibly active and attenuating yeast can make it. Monk’s Stout has an intense black coffee aroma with a fine bitterness. It is light, almost astringent on the tongue – like strong iced espresso. It finishes with a wonderful attack of deep roasted practically charred malt that is bracing and refreshing without the slightest trace of heaviness. Stout lovers expecting a gentler roasted malt quality or a sweet, lactose roundness that lingers on the palate will find Monk’s Stout surprising, if not challenging. But for those of us who have always found stout flavorful, but not refreshing, who like dark roasted malt, but not the lingering oftentimes coating mouth feel now have a stout to call our own.

Monk’s Stout–without a doubt a truly Belgian kind of stout."

Jake's Omaha only- Omaha will also have a second treat for everyone with the tapping of Tallgrass Velvet Rooster. An American made interpretation of a Belgian Tripel.

Tapping times:
5:30 pm Jake's Omaha (62nd & Maple)
5:00 pm Jake's Lincoln (14th & P St.)

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