Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Beer at Gottberg - Grain Bin Barleywine

This might be Jeremy's house, not sure
Saw this today from Jeremy at Gottberg.

The bad news is that our Oktoberfest Lager is gone. The good news is it made room for a special new beer! It is our Grain Bin Barleywine! We threw everything in the grain bin AND 50 Lbs of honey into this formidable winter brew. This beer was actually brewed last March and has been aging at 40* all summer and getting better since then, and it is finally ready for you. Come in and try it!
Due to its potency, Grain Bin Barleywine is only served in 10 oz. goblets. Now, on to the brew:

Grain Bin Barleywine is a is an English Style Barleywine. We used over twice the amount of ingredients required for a regular batch of beer, making this a very heady sipper. It is very smooth and quite luscious on the tongue. The aroma has notes of honey and caramel with a slight bit of toffee in the background. It is best served a bit warmer than your average brew. This brings out more of the flavor and aroma. All the feedback we have received has been very positive. You have got to get in here and try this beer!

The Stats:
Grain Bin Barley Wine
11.3% ABV
56.8 IBU
18.3 SRM

Remember, we are offering this beer at our Buy One Get One For A Penny Deal (12-7-11) and Tomorrow (12-8-11).

Now, a lot of people think wine is the way to go when deciding what to drink with a Christmas meal, but as you might guess, I respectfully disagree. We have a couple of beers on tap right now that would go GREAT with your holiday fare! The best one would be the Grain Bin Barleywine. The concentrated malt flavors would go great with the herbed flavors of the bird and the stuffing, or the glaze on the ham, while the scrubbing bubbles in the beer would cleanse your pallet between bites. Make sure to stop in and fill some growlers to take home, or take with you if you are heading out of town for the Holidays.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Jeremy Kirby
Brewer - Gottberg Brew Pub
Office - 402-562-6488

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