Monday, December 12, 2011

House of Loom

A new place to enjoy craft beer in Omaha has emerged in recent months.  House of Loom is located on 10th Street in Omaha, about a block and a half south of the Durham Museum.

I believe they have around 12 or 13 taps, based on the pic from their website, as I can’t remember the actual count from when I was in there.  I was impressed with the tap selection…not a bum in the lot.  If I recall correctly, the people in my party had a Rouge Chocolate Stout, Piraat, and Optimator.  There were plenty of other good beer on tap, but it was the last stop of the evening and we didn’t need to imbibe anymore.

I would encourage you to check them out.  Also, they have just tapped Bière du Boucanier. Not sure which one…I think it’s their winter seasonal.

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Coffman Report said...

Thanks Nick!
We currently feature 12 taps and are adding quality bottles/cans every week.

We are also tapping Affligem Noël today!