Monday, December 12, 2011

Collaboration Brew Day (Lucky Bucket Brewing Company)

Another brew day in the books.  Travis and I brewed a batch of collaborative goodness with Lucky Bucket Brewing Company on Friday.  Everything went really well…no epic boil-over or anything similar (I was watching it like a hawk this time).

The recipe we brewed was a Tripel with a little bit of fresh basil during the whirlpool and a generous amount of agave nectar to dry it out nicely.  We brewed a total of 10 gallons on their More Beer pilot system.  Not a lot to go around, but plenty for a slammin’ release party to be announced later.

Brad – an assistant brewer at LB – was our helping hand during the day, while Jason and the other staff popped in and out to check on our progress.

Depending on fermentation and condition time, plus when Lucky Bucket can work it into their calendar, we’ll do a release party to enjoy the final product.  Fingers crossed…we hope to have another winner with this one.

Check out photos from the brew day on our Facebook page.


Tyson said...

Sounds very interesting! I can't wait to try it!

CJ said...

Nice work!!!