Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A change is a coming at the blog.

We have been operating this blog now for a little over 4 years. Our mission has always been to promote the craft beer culture in the state by informing the public of events, new releases, and generally anything that relates to craft beer in Nebraska.

We think we have succeeded at that goal, and in doing so we have grown along with the craft beer culture in Nebraska. With the tremendous success of Omaha Beer Week behind us, we feel now is the time to take the next step for the blog and for the beer culture in the state. It is time to add another element to this blog that hasn't really existed except for a few posts here and there. It is time to bring some opinion to the blog.

So, what does that mean? Does it mean we are going to be internet trolls poking whomever we feel like? Does it mean we are only going to like beers based on how rare and highly rated they are? Does it mean we are going to turn into other beer sites which have members that seem to have lost their way? Absolutely not!

We are still going to promote the craft beer scene in Nebraska. But, we feel it is time to promote it by providing criticism which is constructive in nature, so the craft beer culture can continue to improve. If you feel our comments are not being productive, call us out on the carpet. We promise to do our best to be up-front and honest. We want every brewery, bar, restaurant, etc. to succeed because it’s a win for everyone.

It is time for us (that means you too) to take craft beer in Nebraska to the next level. We honestly feel this will be a great step for the blog and for you. We plan on doing reviews of beers, events, venues, and anything else as it relates to craft beer in the state. We have started implementing video into the mix, and we will continue to work at keeping things new and exciting for you…the craft beer drinker in Nebraska.

Thanks for being such loyal followers over the years. We hope you’ll continue to look to us to provide the information you need to make informed decisions. And, we hope we can help foster the continued growth of craft beer in Nebraska.

Your steadfast bloggers: Nate, Nick, and Travis

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