Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Melange a Trios vertical tasting, with video!

Well, here goes nothing, our Melange a Trios tasting video. Please don't be too harsh on us, I know the focus was a bit off among other things but we really wanted to get this out to you guys.

We tasted 3 different bottlings of Melange starting with their Gold winning August bottling and then a January and February bottling. The tastes were pretty dramatically different. The chardonnay character leaves the bottle fairly quickly to be replaced by a wonderful Belgian character with a hint of chardonnay and oak in the background. I personally enjoyed the freshest versions the best because of the crisp nose and chardonnay characters. I still found the August version terrific, just different, and keep in mind they won gold with a very fresh version.

So enjoy the video, give us some feedback. Ask questions about the beer, I am sure Tyson will chime in. I will edit the full audio and get it posted up as well so you can listen to the full 20 minutes in which we discussed a lot of different things about the beer.



Paul said...

I'd like to do that again please... I love that beer!

Ken said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! :)