Monday, March 5, 2012

Beer Corner USA News

Lots of news from the folks at Beer Corner USA this week.

First up, a silent auction on April 22nd to benefit one of their bartenders who was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

What do you do when cancer impacts someone in your workplace? Here at the Beer Corner we have recently found out that one of our full-time bartenders, Joy Marshall, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Although it is a highly curable form of cancer, the cost of treating it is expensive and during treatments Joy won’t be able to work as much. If you know Joy you know what a great person she is, but if you don’t know her, she is an amazing friend, a hard worker and has a lot of love for her customers. We are hosting a benefit on Sunday, April 22nd from 2-7pm at the Crescent Moon with a Silent Auction to raise some funds to help Joy’s with her mounting bills and medical expenses. We are asking for your help. If you can donate anything for the silent auction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration. Please contact, our manager, Amy at 402-350-1738 to arrange for a pick up or delivery. We would like all donations by Friday, April 6th so there is time to organize them for the Auction. Also, we would like to invite you to attend the benefit on April 22nd from 2-7pm; tickets include selected beer/wine, food and the Silent Auction will take place in the Huber Haus. Tickets to Joy’s Benefit are available in Beertopia for a $20 donation. All proceeds from this event go to Joy to help her in her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It is looking as though we will have some really great things in the Silent Auction, and 2 craft breweries (Boulevard and New Belgium) have already confirmed keg donations to be served at the event and we are expecting more. We will share more details as they are confirmed. Stay Tuned!

Next up, a Des Moines pub crawl on the 19th of May.

Peace Tree Brewing Co.-Downtown Des Moines Pub Crawl on Saturday May 19th, 2012
  • The bus will depart the Moon at noon. Arriving in Knoxville at 3pm for a tour and tasting at Peace Tree. We depart Peace Tree at 5 and arrive in Des Moines before 6.
  • Upon arrival in Des Moines you will be given a map of recommended bars. From there you will be on you own to explore these bars for the next 6 hours before boarding the bus at midnight for the return trip home. This area is loaded with great beer bars and you’ll have plenty of time to explore them. 
  1. Hessan Haus – German Bier Hall Royal Mile 
  1. British Beer Pub Red Monk – Belgium Beer Bar 
  1. Court Ave. Brewing Co – Brewpub 
  1. High Life Lounge – 60’s retro bar
  1.  El Bait Shop- 100 beers on tap 
  1. Fongs Pizza- Chinese and Pizza merge 
  1. Raccoon River Brewing – Brewpub
Plus others! All of these bars serve food as well, so you can pick the type of food you’re in the mood for.
  • Ticket price is $40
  •  per person and includes round trip deluxe motor coach transportation, tour at Peace Tree Brewing with 2 beers of your choice, beer/soft drinks and snacks on the bus.
  • Make reservations by contacting Beertopia at 905-2603
  • . There are 50 seats available and are expected to sell fast. No refunds after 4-19-12.
 There are several new beers on tap or on the shelf now as well.

New beers on tap in The Huber Haus
  • 1809 Berliner Weisse
  •  is brewed by Weihenstephan, this traditional interpretation has an intense blend of lactic tartness and complex fruitiness with a dry finish. 5% ABV
  • Schneider Edel-Weisse
  •  pours cloudy dark yellow, almost orange with a medium white head. Soft carbonation and good head retention. Yeasty, wheat malt aroma, along with the typical banana smell there is a citrus aroma too. Mouthfeel is medium smooth. Quite tart with lots of wheat malt flavor, yeasty spices and citrus. Ends with a nice lingering dry finish. Very refreshing. 6.2% ABV 
 New beers on tap in the Crescent Moon
  • Odell’s Footprint RegionAle
  •  is made from the 10 states that make up what Odell’s calls their ‘distribution footprint.’ Each state made a unique contribution to this brew. This artful ale, Footprint, is their tribute to these states in which their beer is available. The result is a crafty collective of regional flavors: Colorado - Hops & Barley, Arizona - Prickly Pear, Idaho - Barley & Hops, Kansas - Wheat, Minnesota - Wild Rice, Missouri - Oak Barrels, Nebraska – Corn (of course), New Mexico – Green Chilies, South Dakota – Barley & Honey, Wyoming – Wheat 9.5% ABV
  • Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale
  •  is an award-winning barleywine boasting a dense, fruity bouquet, an intense flavor palate and a deep reddish-brown color. Its big maltiness is superbly balanced by a wonderfully bittersweet hoppiness. 9.6% 
 New beers at Beertopia 
 A few new beers have arrived here at the store...
  • Breckenridge Regal Pilsner
  •  is a new beer in town. This golden hued beer represents the Pilsner style very nicely. Crackery, bready and perfectly hopped. 7%ABV.
  • A new brewery has been released to Nebraska. Okoboji Brewing Co. has 3 beers to offer. Boji Blue Pale AleMidwest Charm Farmhouse AleBoji Beach Golden Rye Ale. These are packaged in 16oz tall boy cans. The first batch of these beers are somewhat limited, so if you would like to try a true beach beer, stop on in!
  • Anchor Bock
  •  has returned in fine form today as well. This very nice true to style Bock, pours a deep chestnut brown with caramel and chocolate notes.

And last but not least, Beertopia's beer school is back starting April 9th!
We Want to Send You Back To School....Beertopia Beer School that is.
Beginning Monday April 9, 2012 for seven weeks, we will be conducting classes on brewing history and beer styles from the worlds leading Brewing Centers. These classes are designed to give the participant a broad based usable knowledge of the many styles of beer brewed throughout the World. If you ever wanted to know the difference between a Belgian Tripel and a Dubbel or a Pale Ale and an India Pale Ale, then these classes are a must for you. Besides what other classes have you attended where drinking beer is mandatory! Each session begins at 7:00 and will last for approx 90 minutes.
Session 1 – Mon. April 9- How Beer Is Made.  - (available for up to 45 people)Meet at Upstream Downtown for Tasting and Tour with Head Brewmaster Mike Hall. Following  Sessions held in Max and Joe's – Hosted by Aaron Bush/Chris BettiniSession 2 – Mon. April 16 - Beers of the UK: Those Brits know how to brew.Session 3 – Mon. April 23 - Biers from Germany: Where it all began.Session 4 – Mon. April 30 - Beer from U.S.: How far we have come.Session 5 – Mon. May 7 -  Belgian Beers : Brewin’ anyway they want.Session 6 – Mon. May 14 - Specialty Styles – Rare, Unusual, and Wild Beers!!Session 7­—Mon. May 21 - Omaha Brewing History with Bill Baburek (owner) Sessions 2-7 are limited to no more than 20 people.
Cost: $15 per sessionSign up for all 7 for $95
What’s included:8-10 three oz samples per sessionLight snacksHandout on the topics discussed
Sign up by contacting Beertopia at (402)905-2603or just stop in.Payment is required at time of sign up. Stop by the store to sign up for your return to class! 

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