Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nebraska Brewing Company Tap Takeover at The Lauter Tun

Tomorrow night (March 7) The Lauter Tun will be hosting a Nebraska Brewing Company tap takeover featuring several of NBC's beers. It sounds like it's entirely possibly that they will have the only keg of Barrel Aged Hop God available so this is not an even to miss! See below for the excerpt from The Lauter Tun's email.

It is no secret that we love this brewery and support them fully.  If you have had the privilege of meeting the owners or brewers of their better halves, you know why we support them.  The beer is fantastic, award winning, and consistently delicious.  The brewers and owners are incredibly friendly and truly support the craft beer scene in Nebraska.  Of course I am speaking of the one and only Nebraska Brewing Company.  These guys are great, and, if you have the chance to go to the Great Nebraska Beerfest outside of Nebraska Brewing Company in Papillion, which I believe is coming up soon, you will be extremely pleased.  Some of the best beers around, people passionate about their products and guests passionate about trying the latest and greatest brews.  This is one of my favorite events of the year!  While this sounds like a shameless plug for NBC, I do have ulterior motives of course.  We are doing a NBC Tap Takeover on Wednesday this week.  We plan to have on EOS Hefeweizen, Brunette Nut Brown Ale, Farrells Irish Red, NBC IPA, and hopefully Chardonnay Barrel Aged Hop God will be available to us on tap.  The Barrel Aged Hop God is EXTREMELY rare, to my knowledge we are the only bar that will have this keg so keep checking back to see when it gets tapped as it will be gone within hours of its release!


Tom said...

Has anyone been to The Lauter Tun? If so, please comment on your experience! I stopped by one Monday night and they were closed. Looked in and besides being a bit small looked like a nice place. I drove by on a Sunday night, but there was no one there, bartender was inside reading a book or something, so i decided not to stay. Now they say "if you have the chance to go to the Great Nebraska Beerfest outside of Nebraska Brewing Company in Papillion, which I believe is coming up soon"..."This is one of my favorite events of the year!" If it is truly among their favorite events of the year I'd expect them to know that it has always been held in late august That isn't soon from my prospective even though I'm sure planning started long ago.

This place just isn't passing the sniff test. Hopefully I'm just catching them at poor moments and it isn't full representation of their business. What has your experience been?

Travis said...

Tom, I have only been there once myself, but I had a good experience. I know of others who love the place. They are closed on Mondays I believe and I'm sure Sunday nights aren't exactly prime time either. If I were you, I'd give them another shot!

Nick S. said...

I have been there several times. The latest was Saturday. The place was full and they had a great Jazz band playing.

On other nights, they have had a wide range of music talent. On nights without music, there is a good craft beer crowd there.

I like the Lauter Tun. West O needs a tap house like this.

Maybe it's the time of day. I usually go there after 8:00 p.m.