Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Great Nebraska Beer Fest 2012 - The Aftermath!

Another year in the books for the Great Nebraska Beer Fest and the gang at Nebraska Brewing Company.  All I can say is this was the best one yet and one of the best festivals I have been too.  Yep, you heard that right, even with it raining nearly all day it was a great festival. 

The brewery list was phenomenal and so were the beers that they brought.  I found some gems like 4Hands and Morgan St. from St. Louis and I also found those that most of us know like Stone, Firestone, Maui and Heretic.  This is not to leave out the beers from breweries we can get here or will be getting soon like Ploughshare of Lincoln. 

You never had to wait in line for very long, if at all, for a beer, which was great.  I really look forward to what others can do in the future with their festivals. 

I would say between the great extreme beers that the Extreme Beer Fest brings in and the great breweries that the GNBF bring in, any other festival will have a lot to live up too from now on, but you now have your blueprint. 

I think the only complaint I briefly heard when I went in to eat at NBC was from someone that had been standing in line to get in a little too long for their liking, especially because it was raining.  It seemed to be handled well and there isn't a lot you can do to get that many people in all at one time, the rain just amplified the displeasure I believe. 

Nice work gang and look forward to what you do next year because every year has gotten better, so no pressure.

I hope you guys enjoyed our live tweeting, facebook and untappd posting during the event.  Sorry we didn't take many pictures, but holding an umbrella, cup and phone is tough work.  The life of a beer blogger...

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