Friday, August 17, 2012

Great Nebraska Beer Fest - Win Tickets!

Are you ready for what appears to be the premier beer festival in Nebraska in Omaha next week?  If you haven't got a ticket yet you should do so soon as I bet it has the potential to sell out, I know the VIP tickets have.  What makes this the premier festival in my mind, well the beer of course!  You will have not experienced a line up of beers and breweries like this at any other festival in Nebraska.  In my opinion there are 2 can't miss festivals in Nebraska now, Extreme Beer Fest and The Great Nebraska Beer Fest.

To celebrate this great festival we are giving away some tickets next week to some lucky individuals.  As in the past and as will be in the future, we don't know how we are going to do it just yet and that adds to the mystery for you and us.  I suspect it will be very similar to how we have done it in the past via Facebook, so if you haven't liked our page you better get on it.  Remember that you may have to check the page out daily next week because of the rules of Facebook, the posts may not show up in your feed. 

So go get your tickets now and win a free one to bring a friend and expose them to great beer! 

Here is a short brewery list to wet the palate.

Austin Beerworks
23rd Street Brewery
Cinder Block
Cigar City
Firestone Walker
Free State
Maui Brewing


Ken said... exactly will the free GNBF tickets be given away? The blog fans would like to know!

Nick S. said...

We have been giving them away to correct trivia answers on our Facebook page. We have one more to give away tomorrow. Keep checking our Facebook page. Winners will have to provide ID at will-call to claim their prize.