Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blue Blood 1st Anniversary Friday Tap Take-Over @ Jake's Lincoln (12/14)

LINCOLN JAKE'S: Come down and celebrate the the 1 year anniversary of Blue Blood Brewing Company, and congratulate them on a fine year of tasty beer made right here in Lincoln.  The brewers will be down to share a pint, and we will have plenty of choices to choose from!

1335 - Wicked Snout
The latest addition to our lineup. Our Farmhouse Ale is named after a good ol’ Nebraska farm boy. His work ethic is our inspiration behind this saison with the yeast doing hard work to produce the flavors you would expect. The namesake of this beer worked hard on his family farm and one of his chores was dealing with the pigs. Those wicked pigs never seemed to make friends and brought about the name of this beer. With 6.4% ABV this beer will sneak up on you if you are not careful, just like the pigs on the farm.

1800 - Big Log Wheat
Summertime, golf, and craft beer—what could be better? How about drinking a taste of summer year round! This wheat was originally brewed for our friends at Wilderness Ridge Lodge and the name coming from the huge logs used to build the lodge you see on the can. It’s full of flavor and a great drink on and off of the golf course. This wheat is our take on a weizen style of wheat with great spice notes of clove coming through making this a great change to your everyday American wheat. It takes big logs to make a lodge and it took some big inspiration to create this beer!

543 – Skull Creek Pale Ale
Our first seasonal selection was brewed in conjunction with our friends at Rhynalds Hop Growers. This American Pale Ale is brewed using hops all grown right here at home in Nebraska! We used whole leaf hops in the boil with a finish of cascades picked right before the brew giving the beer a distinct taste you can only get by using hops right from the field! The beer is named after the Abie Hop Yard with 543 being the telephone prefix for the town. The hop yard itself is situated along Skull Creek where  he hops have grown wild for many years until being tamed just this year. We are proud to call Nebraska home and we are even more proud of our hop growers here at home who are able to produce some of the best hops available anywhere!

467 - Ethan's Stout
Our stout is 5% alcohol by volume with all of the roasted barley flavor you expect balanced with caramel sweetness. The inspiration for our stout came by way of a great man named Ethan. Ethan went to the police academy with co-founder Jason wanting to serve as a member of the law enforcement community. Ethan's life was tragically cut short due to cancer and we felt no better way to honor him than to craft a beer in his  honor. We hope this hand crafted stout reflects the flavors Ethan would expect and love from this style of beer.

5:00 pm Jake's Lincoln (14th & P St.)

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