Thursday, December 13, 2012

**OMAHA JAKE'S** Double Friday Tapping Party

OMAHA JAKE'S (12/14): There is a special double tapping party planned for Omaha this week, and you can bet there will be lots of hops.

Green Flash 9th Anniversary – Green Bullet
"Looking for new and unique hops for our 9th Anniversary brew I turned my focus toward New Zealand hops where I discovered a variety called Green Bullet.  I think this hop must have be developed just for Green Flash Brewing as I found it to be brightly floral, piney, pungent, and spicy.  This discovery set the stage for a new Anniversary beer that would end up being a triple IPA, Green Bullet.  While I was searching for new hop varieties I also discovered a wonderfully fruity hop variety called Pacific Gem.  I decided right away that I would bring these two hops together to add finesse to a monstrous beer.  The end result of brewing triple IPA with these two hops is a full body, soft pine and citrus hoppiness upfront with tropical notes of mango and pineapple, and a moderate aggressive bitter finish.  It‘s extremely well rounded and nicely balanced for a beer of this strength with the alcohol being well hidden for a more pleasurable drinking and celebrating experience.  10.1% ABV, over 100 IBU." -Brewery description

Troubadour- Magma Special Edition 2012 Sorachi Ace
(Special edition of Magma featuring Sorachi Ace Hops) "Troubadour Magma is an amber colored beer with the bitterness of an American IPA but balanced with the fruitiness of a Belgian Triple. Enjoy the explosion of fruity aromas from the dry-hopping.  9.0% ABV, 50 IBU."  -Brewery description

5:00 Jake's Omaha (62nd & Maple)

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