Thursday, June 25, 2015

Annoucement About Lucky Bucket Belly Flop

Have you noticed a little something extra in your Belly Flop lately? Don't worry. Lucky Bucket is aware of it and even though it's only a little extra strawberry puree, they're willing to swap you bottles after July 22nd if you so desire.

Here's what they said in their email newsletter:
 Attention craft beer lovers and Belly Flop fans!  Due to the ridiculous amount of strawberry we added to Belly Flop this year, we have noticed the strawberry puree settling out in the bottles.  Although this is purely additional flavor, we realize it is not super appealing.  By pouring slowly into a glass the strawberry should stay in the bottom of the bottle, however if you choose, we have tweaked our filtering process and would be happy to swap your six-pack for another when the next batch is done (July 22nd). 
The Lucky Bucket Production Team

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