Thursday, September 4, 2008

All things Smoked Bock

Modern Monks have now got their hands or brew into food. Check out this post from their blog today.

Autumn is just around the corner. Ushering in the time of year when the Monks start thinking of bigger beers that push the upper ends of the styles, warm the body and relax the soul. With this in mind the Monks give you the Fall 2008 release of their Smoked Bock. To help them celebrate this yearly ritual they have teamed up with Bread & Cup in the Hay Market as well as Branched Oak Farms in Lincoln to help make this a special event.

It all started with Branched Oak farms turning a few gallons of the Smoked Bock beer into a batch of seriously delicious Gouda cheese!

Bread & Cup will be taking this fantastic cheese and turning it into a few offerings above and beyond their normal excellent menu.

Items made with the Smoked Bock Gouda cheese will include:

Cheese plate

Smoked Bock beer cheese soup

Pulled pork sandwich with Smoked Bock Gouda

Pizza with Smoked Bock Gouda

The festivities are slated to begin at 6:00 on Friday, September 12, 2008 at Bread & Cup located at the corner of 8th & S in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket
440 N 8th St Suite 150 (402) 438-2255

I will be there on the 13th before the game, I hope I can get beer cheese soup on game day and a smoked bock, probably won't be any left overs though. If you haven't made it to the Bread and Cup you are missing out, I can only imagine how good this food will be.



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