Friday, September 5, 2008

Beer and Politics

Well, my facebook page has been getting a workout lately with new "friends" and such getting added daily and as much as I hate to admit it, it is a pretty cool website. So if you haven't got a facebook page I encourage you do so and look me up when you do.

So that being said, I got an invite to a Beer and Boots fundraiser for Scott Kleeb. Now I am a registered independent and just under the age of 35 so I am a highly sought after vote. Scott Kleeb originated from my town so I have strong leaning in that direction but I am not here to sway you one way or another just to inform the people out there that he is having fundraisers in Chicago, New York and San Fransisco that involve beer. I am not guessing fine beer, as the event in Chicago is at the Billy Goat, but it seems relevant as we are a Nebraska beer site and he is running for public office in Nebraska. So here is the information.

I know many people read this blog daily on a national basis based on emails I get and the occasional story I heard last night. A friend of mine here in Broken Bow was out in Glendale, Colorado I believe, at a bar having a few pints when some guys asked where he was from, he told them and they proceed to ask him if they knew me and this site and another site I run. He of course acknowledged it and they proceeded to buy him drinks all night long. He was shocked, I am shocked and I am wondering why he got the rewards and not me. LOL. Seriously, pretty cool deal and I am really stoked people from all over the country find my site interesting enough to follow and enjoy it enough that they bought a friend of mine beer for the evening. Beer Geeks are a good sort of people.

So with that knowledge and if you are an expat Nebraskan in Chicago, NYC or San Fran and would like to meet Scott Kleeb and help support his campaign for Senate as a Democrat than please attend. Don't expect much craft brew I imagine but if you are into politics I thought you all might be interested.


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