Friday, February 20, 2009

National IPA Championships

I got a post from Tyson Arp, brewer at Nebraska Brewing Company, that they have entered this years National IPA Championships. Here is what Tyson posted.

Finally, some March Madness I can get excited about! Nebraska Brewing Company has entered the National IPA Championship which is a cool, head-to-head, bracket style IPA competition. The fun part is that you can log in and fill out your own bracket to try and predict the winner! The only catch is that you only have until midnight on the 21st to get your brackets filled out. Visit to get registered and pick the winner! (Here's a hint: NBC's IPA is going to win!)

Basically this is a head to head, judged competition to see who makes the best IPA in the world. I assume this is blind so anybody as a chance to win this. Go to the site follow the information and track the winner.

Here is the printable bracket.

National IPA Championships Bracket

Good luck Nebraska Brewing Company!!!


Paul said...

Nebraska advances to round 2.

Nate B. said...

And the winner from last year didn't advance past the first round. This really looks like it might be based on flavor and not name.

Good luck gang you have a real shot!!

Paul said...

Tyson came up with Stone Crusher... Check out Round 2 results - we advanced over Stone's IPA! Interesting as the moderator of the site talks all about the other breweries but doesn't mention Stone going down?

Brendan said...


way to go guys,

that's really something.