Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NBC has some made some changes and maybe more to come...

Some of you may know that Nebraska Brewing Company has made some brewing changes recently. If you haven't, Tyson Arp has been named head brewer and my congrats go out to Tyson, a great guy for sure and a very good brewer. It appears that this change came about due to a difference in brewing philosophy/opinion. Brent Udron alluded to this change in philosophy a couple times in a recent article in Omaha City News.

Arp and Kavulak seem to have the same vision for NBC. Brew great beer, brew beer both for the casual beer drinker and for the serious beer geek. Omaha needs the latter, desperately.

I love this, we don't have many brewery's in this state pushing the envelope when we have no reason, other than the risk of failure, not to push it. Upstream has been our loan risk taker over the years and of course the homebrewers turned pro, Modern Monks.

I think we will see some envelope pushing when Lucky Bucket gets settled into their brewery. I have talked to Zac and he has some tremendous things up his sleeve he wants to try, but opening up his place has really occupied his time.

All that being said, Nebraska beer has been pretty middle of the road and therefore haven't been recognized on the "scene" like a Colorado or California has. This being said, I don't want extreme beers for the sake of being extreme and I know the true beer geeks don't either. Chatting with Paul and Tyson, I don't think they do either, they want high quality beer and styles that push the palate. That is all we are talking about here, give me a balanced Barleywine that exudes intricate flavors or a Belgian Dark Strong that can be sipped with some chocolate. Don't get me wrong, a Hop BOMB, is something I will never turn down but I think this state is ready to get away from brown ales, amber ales, blonde ales, etc. I hope this is a sign of things to come for the other brewery's out there as well.

Be sure to read the article if you get a chance, it as very good article. Brent, come here and write your opinions anytime, they will always be welcome as you already know.

NBC Article

Also, if you can, be sure to volunteer in any capacity you can for The Great Nebraska Beer Festival in September.


Anonymous said...

What if there were a barrel-aged envelope that you could lick and push around the playground...whoa, I'm gettin' hot! ...warm...


Modest Mouse (superhero of the underground sprinklers)

nickspies said...

You lost me.

Nate B. said...

Don't worry, he lost me too. It is an inside joke for a couple guys I guess.

Jason_Novack said...

The beer is good but the food is below average. I find it hard to visit a restaurant even with great beer that has bad service and food. I have been there at least 6 times hoping for a better experience. Each time I am disappointed. I am not expecting a five star meal but warm food that is prepared correctly is a must. Once I even had a server even eat fries off my plate because he did not believe me they were not fresh. I will continue to support the beer by drinking it other bars and restaurants. Maybe they should have just opened a brewery and stayed away from the restaurant business. I hope they can fix these problems in the future. Being a brewpub I feel they need to make the food an attraction not just the beer. Since I live in Sarpy there are not a lot of other restaurants near by so I really want them to improve.